What to bring with you when you go camping?

With that in mind, make sure that every item you pack can be used repeatedly without having to wash or wear it out. Convertible pants, a lightweight, multi-purpose jacket (resistant to rain and wind, warm but not too warm), well-worn hiking boots, a reliable hat and equipment suitable for cold climates are essential. Beyond that, make sure that your clothes are easy to layer and that you can add or remove them when needed without taking up too much space in your backpack. The first thing on our camping checklist is a tent with a rain fly.

Unless you're going to a camping spot with pre-installed cabins or tents, you'll need a tent or outdoor shelter. A tent protects you from the natural elements and ensures that you have a safe space to sleep once night comes. There should be no unnatural trace of your room, so bring one or two garbage bags to pick up any waste you may have and take them all to the trash when you're finished. Yes, tents are necessary when you're considering what to bring to the campsite, however, you don't need a new tent every time, as long as the tent you have is made for the weather conditions you'll face.

As a child accompanying my brother's Boy Scout camps, I learned that you should always, always, bring an extra set of clothes and shoes. Regardless of where you camp, it's good to have mosquito repellents when you're thinking about what to bring to the campsite. However, if you bring the wrong things or simply too many things, this will significantly hinder your night outdoors and you may find yourself without the needs you should have planned. You should also always plan to bring a filtered water bottle in case you get stuck somewhere without drinking water.

If you're bringing a gas stove (or if there's a fire pit on site), bring sausages, hamburgers, or anything else you want to grill for dinner. But if you bring a quality windproof travel umbrella like the one shown in the picture, you'll make sure you're prepared no matter what the conditions are.

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