What spices should i bring camping?

Essential spices to take with you on your next camping trip Spices to bring to your next camping trip. Everyone is a fan of delicious food. Cinnamon goes well with almost every meal. Cayenne pepper is definitely any kitchen essential, including the camp kitchen.

Once you have your spice container nailed down, you have to decide what to put in it. Salt and pepper aside (we're sure you're insured), we like to bring spices that are versatile enough to use in all types of camping meals, but that still have a big impact. These are our six favorite spices and condiments for camping cooking, perfect for filling the six chambers of a spice rocket or spice missile. Cinnamon, not just for desserts.

Add some heat to beverages, stews, chicken, lamb, or curry for an aromatic flavor without getting spicy. Chili powder: a mixture of ground ancho peppers, paprika, garlic powder, oregano and other spices, chili powder gives a special touch to any meal. Best for meat and beans, use chili powder in tacos, chili or even a hamburger. Chili powder is a perfect spice for alone, but it goes well with more cumin, garlic powder, or oregano to satisfy the taste buds.

What are the different ways to store spices when camping? You can opt for improvised solutions such as pill boxes, straws or even glass jars when you're short on time. But if you're a fan of camping cooking, it's essential to store condiments in compatible containers that won't spill or spoil. Any kitchen is incomplete without salt. So it should be the first thing to add to your spice rack on a motorhome trip.

There are a lot of salts and they all have their own distinctive flavor. Choose your favorite from many options, common table salt, sea salt, smoked salt, flaked salt or black salt. You can add some buttered table salt to your popcorn. For example, adding sea salt to baked baby potatoes is a delicious snack.

Another great idea of gourmet food that uses sea salt, as requested by people who usually go camping during a motorhome trip, is to make brie tartlets with salted walnuts. Smoked salt gives the best finish to your barbecue or adds a touch of smoky flavor to your vegetables. The use of flaked salt will add a crunchy touch to grilled meat and vegetables. Sprinkle Hawaiian black salt on baked salmon or try it with fruits such as oranges and guavas to highlight its sweetness.

Black pepper is the most loved spice that we usually use in a variety of ways. Black pepper is another gourmet spice to carry in your spice rack. There are many varieties of black pepper, each with a unique flavor and the choice will depend on the needs of the recipe and the cuisine you follow. It is advisable to carry peppercorns in a sealed bag or container to preserve their quality and flavor and prevent mold.

Now the question arises, how do you grind peppercorns? Try this simple trick, place the pepper cords inside a coffee filter and crush with the flat side of a meat mallet or the side of your knife. You can use ground black pepper powder to make pepper and grain sauce for your steak. Pepper also accompanies a variety of creamy sauces for pasta or meat. We all know that pepper is very good for eggs.

How about a pepper crust coating for steak, tuna, salmon, or pork? Start quickly and start your morning healthy by squeezing lemon and honey into your cup of green tea. Then, to prepare an excellent grilled treat for dinner, you can fill it with onion slices and put salt and pepper on top, inside a salmon or trout belly, wrap it in aluminum foil and make a barbecue. Finally, give your eggs a final touch of lemon or creamy pasta sauce by grating the Rhind over them. Are you trying to cut lemons into slices and dehydrate them and add a piece to salads, on top of a piece of grilled fish? Cumin is widely used in gourmet foods.

Every kitchen, in one way or another, depends on cumin as its main flavor enhancer. Add cumin seeds to chicken pilaf (rice with chicken broth) as a condiment. Or crush the cumin powder and mix it with vegetables to make salsa, sauce for chicken or veal tacos. Add it to stew dishes such as green chili.

Cumin powder is the best condiment for Greek salads. Carry cumin seeds and cumin powder in your spice rack to get the best out of any recipe you prepare. Garlic is nature's best gift for creating gourmet recipes. Grate some garlic to add it to the butter and season the steaks.

You can also use it on French bread for some snacks at night. Finely chopped garlic is an excellent finish for Alfredo pasta. Sauté the steak in minced garlic and parsley for a gourmet lunch. Grilled garlic is amazing for making purees or mashed potatoes.

This unique, earthy mushroom spice is a gastronomic delight. A good tip for using truffles is to pack them with salt for an earthy flavored condiment. Sprinkle with seasoned salt. Or how about seasoning scrambled eggs for a gourmet touch? Shave some truffle over your fettuccini or soup for more flavor.

The best part about including truffles in your spice rack is that it adds a decadent touch to even the simplest recipes. This Italian herb is a unique gourmet spice. It's always best to shred and store a bottle on the shelf for a motorhome trip, as fresh oregano leaves can go bad if not stored properly. Shredded oregano goes well with pasta dishes, Greek-style salads or tortellini soups.

Mix oregano with garlic to make herbal butter for steaks. Sprinkled oregano makes delicious garlic bread for a snack. What other unique ways can you use oregano? Mix it with other crushed herbs to make Italian toppings or pizza sauces. Before you decide which spices to bring to your camping adventure, you need a spice container that best suits your needs.

I really think the list should include 10 spices, including onion powder and garlic powder, a drop of oregano for the Italian mix. . .

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