What should you not bring to camp?

As indicated on the summer camp baggage list, leave firearms, knives, and archery bows at home. The summer camp packing list says there are no laptops, desktops, kindles, tablets, video games, or anything like that. If it has a screen, leave it at home. Even some “innocent” electronic devices, such as a music player, can be a bad idea.

How are you going to listen to the music of crickets, owls and frogs when your radio is loud? Not to mention that playing music at a camp goes against the principles of Leave No Trace. Just enjoy the peace and quiet, or sing campfire songs if you feel like the music. There are a few things you shouldn't take with you on a camping trip. One of them is alcohol (even if it's tempting).

It may be legal in the park you go to, but it could result in an even more serious fine if you have more than what would fit inside your campsite or vehicle. Whether you're going camping by car or backpacking, there are plenty of tips on what to pack for your adventure. But did you know that there are things you shouldn't take with you? Here's a list of what not to take camping on your next adventure trip. If you live in a place where there are mosquitoes, then you know how uncomfortable these little creatures can make you feel.

That's why at the top of the list of things not to bring to camp is anything scented. Scents, especially floral varieties, attract insects. In fact, deodorants and scented soaps can also attract insects, so it's best to wash yourself with unscented soap before going outdoors. Not smelling anything is always the best way to avoid annoying bites and stings.

In conclusion, while many items can make camping more comfortable, there are some items you should avoid carrying.

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