What do you need for a weeks camping?

What you need to pack for a week-long camping trip, sturdy tent. DOWNLOAD OUR FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST (Change margins to “narrow” when printing) Insect repellent (or Thermacell) When there is no water, toilets, electricity at 26%) WAG bag (+ OPSak or bag for old things to hold bags for excrement) Adhesive tape+adhesive tape (repair) Paracord + hanging bag food (for bear country) Food & snacks (or freeze-dried meals) Water bottle (s) or hydration pack Dish wash basin (or plastic bin) Windbreaker or raincoat (depending on the forecast) Firestarter (egg cartons work well) Firewood (if not available near the camp) Canvas (to cover the wood and protect the car) Equipment for dogs (plates, leash, longline, bed). All this must be followed by clothing. Use a suitcase or small tote bag to pack t-shirts, pants, jackets, hats, and gloves for your car that you will park near the campsite.

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