What clothes should i bring camping?

In general, I try to avoid cotton clothing when I go camping. While shorts and short-sleeved shirts are the first things most people think of when it's hot, the sun and mosquitoes can be brutal in some areas. When it's hot, a long-sleeved shirt offers great protection against sunburn, and when nightfall, putting on a pair of long pants can keep mosquitoes at bay. In this post, I want to answer this question and share some of the key things I consider when packing clothes for a camping trip by car.

No matter what the day brings, I want to be able to climb into my tent and sleep in dry clean clothes and socks. But if you bring a quality windproof travel umbrella like the one shown in the picture, you'll make sure you're prepared no matter what the conditions are. There should be no unnatural trace of your room, so bring one or two garbage bags to pick up any waste you may have and take them all to the trash when you're finished. I always make sure to pack clothes and capes for the day's activities, and then a set of clothes just for sleeping.

Since I drive my vehicle to a campsite (therefore, “car camping”), I usually have some extra space and am not embarrassed to wear extra layers in the car. If you're bringing a gas stove (or if there's a fire pit on site), bring sausages, hamburgers, or anything else you want to grill for dinner. You should also always plan to bring a filtered water bottle in case you get stuck somewhere without drinking water.

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