How do you store food for a 3-day camping trip?

Keep non-perishable food out of the cooler and place it in a canvas, paper or plastic bag or, if necessary, in a bear-proof container. This includes nut mix, crackers, bread, peanut butter, and canned fruits and vegetables. Bring potato chip clips, cable ties, or similar items to keep open food bags cool. For most people, when they go camping, they'll want a good carbohydrate-rich breakfast, a portable lunch, and a nice warm, boring dinner.

Porridge, sandwiches, and a single-pot stew are good simple options for a 3-day camping trip. All the fresh ingredients that need refrigeration go to my cooler, although I personally try to limit these perishable ingredients, since I use a small rotomolded cooler and tend to camp for about a week at a time. When many people think about camping for 3 days, which food to bring is the thing that crosses their minds the most. For a 3-day camping trip, you must bring food that is suitable for campfire meals, take-out meals, and snacks.

Tent footprints have become a popular accessory for campers in recent years, but I must admit that I had never considered using a tent footprint until recently. In other words, your campsite must be 200 feet away from your cooking area and your food storage (in a bear container or bear hanger) must be at least 200 feet away from the cooking area and your campsite. I find that the laundry basket keeps things organized and can be carried in the car, allowing easy access to food while I travel if the campsite is far away; I reorganize the food once I get settled in the camp. When I arrive at the camp, I buy ice for the ice box and move the ice bricks to the Esky to keep other items cold (see food in the pantry above).

Camping should be a fun activity and you shouldn't let worries about what you're going to eat overwhelm you.

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